Here's some work in progress on the Nicki Minaj candle, I think I need to add some more design elements around Nicki. Hopefully it will be done soon and then ready to sell.
This one is inspired by
Saint Martin de Porres, he could communicate with animals.


Portrait of my favorite drag queen ever...Detox!
Sorry Nina Flowers, but you're a close second.


just a peek.
that's all I'm allowed.


Nicki Minaj pattern. I fucking love it! If I could skate I would totally rock this board.


Got the opportunity to decorate a vinylmation however I wanted, I think it came out pretty fierce. A designer on my team made the pimp coat.


I was asked to design a mural of Mickey made completely out of Post-it notes for an event at DCP. I was really excited about this project, since I've never done anything like this before. In a couple of days people will be able to take any of the Post-it notes from the wall and draw whatever they like so hopefully I can get a shot of the mural with all of the doodles added on.
The mural measures 8x16 ft.